LSIS Regional Collaboration Project - East Midlands

Boston College (Lead)

Grantham College

New College Stamford

Leicester College


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Background. Ofsted comments and observations

The need for the work was initially identified through discussions in existing collaborative contacts between Boston and Grantham who were partners in the Technology Exemplar Network (2010) and currently work together doing peer group Quality Reviews. Ofsted had commented to these colleges on the need for a more consistet and standardised method of recording learner progress. Stamford College and Leicester College had identified the same issue.

Project: Looking at ways of configuring and using Moodle Gradebook across a range of academic qualifications.


  • To work together to investigate a consistent and standard method in each College for monitoring and tracking learner progress by sharing expertise in the use of Moodle Gradebook. The desired impact was to lead to more effective reporting and recording of individual learner performance across a range of academic qualifications.
  • To develop and share the practice of creating a range of Outcomes and Custom Grades in Moodle Gradebook
  • To raise quality standards by creating a culture of raising learner achievement through maximising the benefits and use of Moodle Gradebook.
  • To investigate how the use of iPads could be used to aid in collaboration and dissemination of project outputs.
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